Harlene Anderson

Conference speaker/trainer, business leadership consultant, author, psychotherapist


Harlene Anderson is a popular speaker, consultant, and trainer. She uses her tools—her insights, her keen interest, her engaging conversational style, and her leadership skills–to help and inspire individuals, families, and organizations to achieve clarity, focus, renewed energy, and often surprising results.

Recognized internationally as an innovator in the development of postmodern-oriented collaborative-dialogic practice, Harlene applies her conceptual framework to her practices in education, communities, research, therapy, and consultation. Her books, translated into several languages, include Conversations, Language and Possibilities and coedited Appreciative Organizations, Collaborative Therapy: Relationships and Conversations that Make a Difference, and Innovations in the Reflecting Process. Dr. Anderson is a co-founder and a board member of the Taos Institute, Houston Galveston Institute, and Access Success International; she is the founding editor of the International Journal of Collaborative Practices and co-founder of the International Certificate in Collaborative Practices.

She received the 2008 American Academy of Family Therapy Award for Distinguished Contribution to Family Therapy Theory and Practice, the 2000 American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy award for Outstanding Contributions to Marriage and Family Therapy, and the 1997 Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy award for Lifetime Achievement.

Harlene Anderson is an internationally recognized innovator in the development of postmodern-oriented collaborative-dialogic practice, and co-founder of Taos Institute and Houston Galveston Institute.


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