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February 1-3, 2024 – 11:00am-2:00pm EST each day

A 3-day online seminar with Taos Institute Vice-President Sheila McNamee and Taos Institute Board Member Harlene Anderson

Note: Certificate of participation available upon request for CEUs

Dialogic and Collaborative Practices

Have you ever wondered how to engage with curiosity when faced with different views, beliefs, and ideas? If so, we invite you to join us in February for a practical seminar embracing relational, dialogic, and collaborative resources for dealing with difference.

In this online, hands-on, intensive seminar (three hours each day), Harlene and Sheila introduce and discuss constructionist theory, dialogue, and collaborative practices. Given the challenges we confront globally, discussions will center specifically on the practical implications and applications of a dialogic and collaborative stance. In addition to demonstrations, there is ample space for everyone to share, interact, collaborate and support one another as we explore ways to bring these practices into participants’ own projects and personal or professional contexts.

Whether you are familiar with social construction and relational practices or new to these ideas, this intimate, intensive seminar is sure to make you feel welcomed and inspired. The small-group, virtual environment offers an opportunity to be in conversation with a diverse group of individuals from around the globe, who are working or who would like to work in relational ways. Three group meetings as well as a private group discussion forum gives you a chance to forge deep connections and to practice relational approaches — resulting in a transformational experience.

Readings and other resource materials will be provided prior to the course.


  • An interactive and collaborative environment where everyone engages in co-creating new knowledge
  • Customized discussions on how each participant can bring social construction, dialogue and collaborative approaches into their own work and life
  • Participants from around the world who enrich the dialogue with diverse perspectives
  • A small-group, intimate learning experience that generates long-lasting relationships